A collective of fine artists who are making their art accessible to enthusiasts and collectors with a love of colorful, whimsical art.

The fine artists on this website are a group of artists who create art using a colorful, whimsical style of painting. Each artist's website can tell you more about their process and the imagery used in their artwork.

What is Whimsical Art? Some say it is captured with the use of color and subject matter. It may include whimsy, fairy tale images, poetic imagery and it may tell a story. Often you can see swirls and spirals, or dots and graphic patterns in whimsical art. It may be childlike and dreamy in nature. Others may say this style is off beat and fun or sweet and charming or it may seem odd and comical.

Some of the great artists of our time have used a whimsical style, but it can be very subjective. For example, Marc Chagall and Joan Miro, might be considered artists with a whimsical style of painting. They are also known for their surreal imagery.

All sales via this website are made by the individual artists, who keep 100% of the proceeds. Thanks for visiting whimsicalpaintings.com



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