A collection of fine artists who are making their art accessible to enthusiasts and collectors with a love of colorful, whimsical art.

Whimsical Art Workshops in 2012

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Artist Interviews

Artist Interviews are a great way to get to know the artist behind the paintings.

Artist Interview: CINDY DAVIS by Lindy Gaskill

Artist Interview: LINDY GASKILL (formerly GRUGER HANSON) by Amy Komar

Artist Interview: AMY KOMAR by Lindy Gaskill

Artist Interview: MIRIAM BADYRKA by Lindy Gaskill

The Whimsical World of LINDY GASKILL (formerly GRUGER HANSON) by Miriam Badyrka

The process of becoming intimate interview with DANIELLE DUER
by Escape into Life writer Klaus-Dieter Knoll

Artist Thaneeya McArdle talks about her funky art and personal brand
by SchmoozyFox.com

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Other things about Whimsical Art

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